Copenhagen Specs

March : Copenhagen Specs

International eyewear show with focus on independent eyewear brands

The next edition of Copenhagen Specs will take place on March 5 and 6, 2022

copenhagen specs is an independent trade fair with the ambition of creating an environment and a place where opticians go to be inspired and updated on the international eyewear industry.

The ambition of copenhagen specs is to deliver a vibrant eyewear show giving the opticians an opportunity to meet trendsetting eyewear manufacturers that have a visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design. By meeting the eyewear designers in person, opticians have a unique opportunity to learn the story behind every brand and get an insight into the visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design.

We are very pleased to have Lokomotivværkstedet – a more than 100 years old train repair shop – as our venue. It’s a place that provides a historical, authentic and inspirational atmosphere, which we consider to be the perfect surroundings for the originality and creativity we expect to see at the fair.

Copenhagen is naturally the geographical center of Scandinavia with potential to become an international platform for beautiful and innovative eyewear design.

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