Silmo Istanbul: new meeting!

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24 Saat Fuarçilik, the Silmo Association and Comexposium are working together to launch a new business event for the optics and eyewear sector: Silmo in Istanbul frolm 11 to 14 December 2014.

A new event in the optics & eyewear sector: Silmo in Istanbul

Following the first successful edition of Istanbul Optik Fuari* last December, the goal of Silmo Istanbul is to become the flagship Eurasian trade fair. Scheduled to take place on 11 - 14 December 2014, it is ideally located in Istanbul, the economic, artistic and cultural capital of Turkey and bridge between Europe and Asia.

With annual growth of around 10%, the optics and eyewear market in Turkey is exhibiting a dynamism and potential that promises fantastic development opportunities for companies within the sector. 
The zone of influence of this new trade fair will extend from the countries bordering Turkey in the Near and Middle East as far as East Africa, the preferred target of Turkey's economic development.

On the banks of the Bosphorus, visitors and exhibitors will be able to rediscover the key elements of the Silmo brand, together with the experience and original communication know-how of leading local experts.

*ISOF 2013 : 1st edition- 26-29 December – Istanbul Trade Center
10.000 sqm of exhibition, 92 exhibitors, 400 represented brands and 12850 visitors)


Founded in 1967, the Silmo Association, which brings together French optics and eyewear manufacturers, is the owner  of the Silmo Paris exhibition and its long time organizing partner, Comexposium is a European leader in event organisation.


24 Saat Fuarçilik is a communications agency and event organizer specialising in the optics and eyewear industry in Turkey, and for the past 12 years has published the Turkish trade journal: 4Eyes


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