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ROLF - Roland Wolf GmbH
Mühlbachweg 6

6671 Weißenbach

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ROLF Spectacles is a family-run business in the Tyrolean mountains that produces handcrafted premium eyewear frames (wooden frames, stone frames and horn frames). ROLF Spectacles developed a new wooden hinge as well as a special lens-glazing system. The ROLF Spectacles eyewear frames have no screws or metal, are easy-care and maintenance-free, extremely light, antistatic and suitable for allergy sufferers. ROLF Spectacles asserts a claim to develop and produce everything in-house and in a sustainable manner - from the eyewear frames and cases to the exhibition stands and sample trays all the way to the displays and marketing materials. "Our mission is, to follow our visions and to create new things, never seen before, to set new trends and at the same time remain true to our roots."


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  • ROLF Spectacles ¿ LARK

    06 March 2017

    The new wooden frame LARK is a successful composition of fine elegance and masculine strength. This fancy but at the same time harmonious arrangement is reflected by the two woods bog oak|walnut. The handcrafted eyeglasses LARK out of the evolved collection emphasizes the timelessly graceful style of the wearer and perceives self-confidence.

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  • MONOCEROS - a unique piece for your eyes from a single piece of horn -Lyra

    08 March 2017

    MONOCEROS - a unique piece for your eyes from a single piece of horn.

    A unique accessory that reflects pure nature. The synthesis of harmonious design with clean lines, precise engraving, technical innovation and exquisite buffalo horn makes each MONOCEROS frame an exceptional singular piece.

    The driving factor behind the development of this new manufacturing method was the need to process the natural, non-sticky and non-laminated horn into a frame of a certain thickness.

    The MONOCEROS is made from a single piece of horn. This guarantees a harmonious and consistent color and pattern direction over the entire version. The horn of the glasses front is bent by almost 90° around the front end piece. This already makes the MONOCEROS a sensation.

    The MONOCEROS Lyra: An extravagant shape created in highly polished natural horn. The round glasses give a modern and fresh look to the wearer. Whether for casual outfits or elegant clothing, the Model Lyra is always the right desicion and completes the look.
    The synthesis of harmonious design with clean lines, technical innovation and exquisite buffalo horn makes the frame a singular piece. The wooden hinge is made without screws or plastic, and is maintenance-free.
    The patented lens-glazing system enables the insertion of lenses into inflexible materials such horn without having to cut through the frame.

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