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ABEYE - Optical frames & sunglasses

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5 E 011

Start Up

27 rue Buffon
21200 BEAUNE

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ABEYE is a French startup from Burgundy
ABEYE designs and manufactures smart eyewear for health and wellness
ABEYE eyewear correct the sight and bring a health related service to the user thanks to a cutting edge technology embedded into a standard looking design.
Our values are simplicity, usefulness, design
Our products are simple to use because we want then to be usable by the everyone, from the yougest to the oldest.
Our products are useful because our smart glasses tackle real issues of health or society, because our eyewear brings solutions to real needs
Our products are designed to have a standard look because technology is merely a means and what matters is the service it brings; standard look because our products are aimed for daily life and no one fancies being stigmatised.

The first ABEYE product is the Spectalert eyewear whose aim is to enable seniors to age safely at home. In practice, Spectalert autonomously sends an alert for help when it detects a fall (no action required) or when the user presses the alarm button (located on the right temple). It sends an alarm to our remote assistance provider partner Allianz Assistance (in France). The Spectalert displays an elegant non stigmatizing design, key for adoption by seniors. It runs a state of the art algorithm from academic research that allows for detecting a wider range of falls with a much higher accuracy than existing devices.
Finally, its ergonomics was studied and designed for seniors (lightweight, autofitting, no on/off switch,...)
The Spectalert (senior care) eyewear was exhibited at Silmo Next 2018 and CES 2019.
It has received several awards in France, among them the "best product innovation 2019" from association Silver Eco.

The second ABEYE product is the Lexilens eyewear that is a reading aid glasses for dyslexic kids. Junior Care uses a patented technology from academic research that proved very effective in laboratory tests. When using Lexilens glasses, dyslexic children can read and write seamlessly. Lexilens effect is instantaneous and language-independent. Lexilens is exhibited in Silmo Next 2019 and will be available for sale in first semester of 2020.


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