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ESPANSIONE GROUP - Equipment and tools for opticians and optometrists

Via Orefici 152
Blocco 27 Centergross

40050 FUNO


ESPANSIONE GROUP established in 1981 produces and sells medical/surgical equipment for Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Oncology. ESPANSIONE GROUP offers the first complete strategy for DRY EYE DISEASE:evaluation, complete treatment, follow-up treatment.
THE SOLUTION OF DRY EYE AND CLD - At last, Optometrists and Opticians can offer their customers a complete system to manage CLD.
ME-CHECK - a 3 minutes screening test to check Meibomian glands' dysfunction level - Meiboscale Dr. H. Pult and OSDI-6.
MY MASK -  a simple, immediate, non invasive medical device (CE0476) certified for self-treatment of eyelids.
EYE-LIGHT - the only instrument in the world with two patented technologies: LIGHT MODULATION/LLLT and OPE/IPL without any gel, for direct treatment of meibomian glands and other ophthalmic treatments.
All in full compliance with most stringent European Legislation and with the greatest attention for the different professional roles.
From today Optometrists and Opticians can tackle a problem that afflicts millions of people, by providing a complete and extremely effective solution.