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Eco Optical Co., Ltd.

Eco Optical Co., Ltd. - Lenses

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5 K 001

Lenses 5 - H5

169 Jipyongsun Industrial Complex 6-gil
54325 Gimje city
Jeonbuk Province


Eco Optical Co., Ltd. is a Functional Lens manufacturer such as Anti-Fog Lens, Pinhole Lens, DLC(Diamond-Like-Carbon) Lens, etc.
Eco Anti-Fog Lens can be made with various materials of MR, Acrylic, and PC from Middle to High Index according to worldwide customers' needs.
One of special feature of Anti-Fog Lens is that you don't need any treatment such as Anti-fog spray or Anti-fog cloths so it is very much convenient for eyewearers.
The other is long years' durability that lasts more than 2 years.
It is also awesome when they enjoy sports or swimming by using Anti-fog Lens.
We strongly recommend the Eco Anti-Fog Lens to anyone working in kitchens, green houses, cold storages, those who love hot food like hot soup, and anyone else who has ever experienced the discomfort or their glasses fogging up by abrupt changes of temperature.


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