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FABBRICATORINO - Optical frames & sunglasses

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5 AB 074

Start Up

Via Lagrange 29
10123 TORINO

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The brand FABBRICATORINO was born in the 20s as “Società Anonima Fabbrica Torino” and it specialized in the production of bakelite objects and components. The legend says it entered the fascinating world of glasses during the celebration party of Maserati Alfieri at the “Gran Premio Automibilistico d’Autunno” in Monza. On that occasion the founders of FABBRICATORINO offered to supply “competition glasses” to the pilots.
The innovation spirit, deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, pushed the brand to start experimenting with new materials during the 30s. Among those there was the acetate. At the time acetate had been newly discovered by a belgian chemist and was soon due to become the elective choice of the eyewear industry. Quickly following the growing success of PERSOL, FABBRICATORINO started the production of glasses and sunglasses, this time not only for industrial and sports use, but for everyday life as well.


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