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FrameMontana - Optical frames & sunglasses

Stands :

5 E 168

Frames 9 - Niche design

4th floor
4, Bongeunsa-ro 38-gil, Gangnam-gu

06135 Seoul


FrameMontana is an eyewear brand established by Younghoon "Montana" Choi. 
As avid collection and users of vintage mid-century French and American eyewear unsatisfied with modern reprints and applications, Choi decided to launch FrameMontana in an effort to provide proper modern interpretations of classic, simple eyewear of this period.

FrameMontana's ain is to cultivate an affinity for the timeless beauty -as opposed to the ever-changing trends of contemporary-designed eyewear-of vintage designed eyewear through its position as a market leader. 
While doing so, FrameMontana's progressive goal is to contribute not only accurate remakes of vintage but also tastefully re-interpreted modern classics.


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