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H-fusion - Optical frames & sunglasses

916-1237 SABAE


The universalism that became the basis of modern design 20th century,
Mass production, it brought the economic structure of mass consumption in the world.
And in 1980 that was to hand the Rubik's Cube,
As finish align the color of clack and six sides,
Paradigm that was enjoyed value uniformly greet demise.
'80 Years later, to the economic structure of the design mass consumption.
It was a diversified, high-mix low-volume production due to the difference.
Glasses and at the same time there is a medical tool in response to the trend of the post-modern We begin to diversify as a fashion of a tool to express their individuality.

Time is further reduced by the computer,
Database a new generation business that combination Continue to allow. Seeking newness to the next from the next, and discarded going economic structure from the end of the century, to the 21st century.
Now, neo-post-modern desire, is exploring began.

Constantly pursue the human desire better things.
Opt duo with the intent, and a meaning you wish would like to continue making things.

Always "at its own design, free to design" for the.


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