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KOMOREBI - Optical frames & sunglasses

Stands :

5 G 142

Frames 9 - Niche design

Hertshage 10 / 2
9300 Aalst



KOMOREBI — Modest, Simple, Balanced eyewear design —

We design and manufacture eyewear inspired by Komorebi, Japanese for “sunlight filtered by leaves.” The meaning of the concept is the essence of the line and our biggest inspirations: the symbolism of shadows, the reflection of light and the tactility of the invisible. We create pieces with strong, simple and modest detailing. But the poetic definition of the concept Komorebi also inspires us to add playfulness in the themes of our product lines and the names of the models.

Following our values of modesty, simplicity and tactility we don’t aim for love at first sight. Instead we want our pieces to build a long-lasting relationship with the wearer. Polite and sensitive with a whispering colour scheme, their details are slowly revealed.


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