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LUXOL - Optical frames & sunglasses

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Frames 8 - Luxury




“What makes a company great is not just big numbers. It is all about the people and the values that govern its choices. Our guiding value is to treat with dignity a community that has made a contribution to the economic development of the whole of Italy but today is being abandoned for mere profit motives. Staying here is our greatest challenge. And it is our greatest pride”.
An extended family
Ours is a family business. We say this with pride because we consider it is one of our strong points, not only for the affection that motivates our work but also for the philosophy this creates. Our sense of responsibility for shaping the future, carrying forward all the efforts of previous generations, leads us to approach our work within an ethical framework, involving a true commitment that over the years has grown from the purely personal to the collective. Today we feel less of a moral debt to previous generations but towards the community of the place in which we were born. Cadore is the source of our inspiration, providing us with resources and knowledge, a rich heritage we wish to pay back in good faith and loyalty. This is why, when looking to the future, we still see Cadore as our home.
A history of quality
We began as  a little workshop crafting gold-plated spectacle frames. This artisan origin never deserted as we grew into a more highly structured organisation and it is still self-evident in our products, clearly translating into a dedication to quality. What spurs us on, as the next generation, to contribute to further developing the company is our commitment to high-tech research. This unique blend of tradition and innovation is sure to guarantee our continuing evolution.

Luxol 19.69

This is named after the year of our birth, the most classic of the Luxol ranges, representing the natural evolution of our style. Featuring frames designed above all to ensure the visual wellbeing of the wearers, this collection combines high-tech detail with harmony of form. The inspirational concept for the collection is functional elegance.

The meeting of unique, original personalities combined with the Italian culture of design and experience of the eyewear world has given birth to an ambitious brand looking to the future and setting new horizons in style. Trama is a brand in the making, following previously unexplored paths, providing out-of-the-ordinary perspectives created in a crucible of ideas.
The inspiration for this eyewear is experimental elegance, in which experiment is an exercise in design entrusted collection by collection to different designers, some in harmony, others in conflict.
State-of-the-art technical solutions for the collection representing all that’s new and aimed at wearers who are not slavish followers of the big brands. In the NOS collection the keynote is stylistic harmony and the perfect balance of form and materials, in line with the dictates of minimalism, the cornerstone of its design.
The inspiration for this eyewear is essential elegance, in that its essential nature is the embodiment of stylistic purity and freedom from superfluity, for a timeless look.

A creative revisiting that marries the styles of bygone decades with today’s state-of-the-art materials, T(eye)M is the Luxol sunglass collection. Our aim is to tell the story of the present while reviving past memories, in a journey through time that started in the 1970s when the company was born and embarked on its growth.
The inspiration for this eyewear is iconic elegance, in which the great icons of the past are the basis for telling a story set in the present.


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