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Lasertech Chemical Machining Group

Lasertech Chemical Machining Group - Materials and components for manufacturing

20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio


The merge of two leading companies in chemical etching and laser cutting technologies on metals and other materials brought Lasertech Chemical Machining Group to become the ideal partner for the production of spectacle frames and other components to the eyewear. 
Located in the neighborhood of Milan, in Italy, our company is one of the references of the eyewear industry. 
With over 35 years' experience in this field, we put our expertise and know-how at our customers' service to design and develop their new projects. 
From a plan, or just a sketch, we are able to produce prototypes in a few days. 
A wide range of materials and thicknesses, always available in stock, and high dimensional accuracy (very tight tolerances) allow us to provide our customers with products that meet their requirements with short delivery time and very high quality products 
Front, temples, metal inserts, displays, hinges and other components for spectacles, we maintain the role of leader in the production of chemical etched parts/pieces (structural or decorative) still working for the most important brands in this market.
With a now consolidated technology, that we like to call hybrid because it combine chemical etching and laser cutting, we are able to integrate our offer, exploiting the advantages of both technologies for complex parts with incomparable quality and utmost precision at competitive prices