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MASSADA - Optical frames & sunglasses

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Frames 9 - Niche design

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It is all about identity. Massada goes full way into subconsciousness. Enjoyment of life. Expression of joy. Elaborations on intellectual escapades. Ingenuousness of visual self presentation and thoughtful life reminiscences achieving haute couture extravagance. Total submersion in journey towards understanding. Commitment to filter reality and human existence. Personal gain from culture, content, thought, picture, dialogue, idealism and reflection.Massada is independent European eyewear brand domiciled in Switzerland. Massada Art project is led by creative director Kate Lupinsky, raised in South Africa living in Europe, who derives her passion from deep curiosity and consideration for the world.
Design is our core competence. Our in house design is what we value most and refine breathlessly.
Massada constantly challenges the convention of eyewear standard paths of design. Ingenuity is
result of passion in structural innovations. At the heart lies deep-rooted conceptual analysis.
Inspirations are based in natural science, mathematics, geometry and come as well from personal
emotions, experiences, studies and perceived aesthetics impulses.
Inspirations are turned into the imaginative sketches processed over and over again, changing and
forming. All pieces have direct links to works of art. They are evaluated, discussed and developed.
Countless number of the ideas are dropped and only few survive when finally mastered. It takes
massive amount of time and effort to arrive with presentable design ready for final development.
Aesthetics explores variety of materials and techniques. Pieces vary from acetate, combinations to
metal frames.
Massada beauty objects are sophisticated in their integrity. Iconic look comes from its simplicity.
Eyewear frame is a sculpture. Massada incorporates it literally in its design.

We are privileged to have as contributors people of art, film, finance, creative industries, intellectuals, craftsmanship in Italy and Japan. Those who express and seek. Multidisciplinary approach; visual, intellectual, is focused on man Fundamentals of ideology are laid on extensive knowledgeable travel, imagination, solid education, planet cultural heritage and ferment, endless search for answers to the questions being asked by us every day.Massada founders love art. Kate and Chris are personally involved in every aspect of artistic directions taken within company. With its artistic interests and art appreciation they want to share their curiosity and enthusiasm for art with other people. They invite artists to take joy in creating. Intention of the endeavour is to involve talented virtuosos in art exploration and communication with the world. It involves several disciplines from film, comics, world heritage art inspired eyewear, poetry, images and yet is not limited to just few forms of art listed here. Massada Art Projects are open to accommodate any representation of human fantasy. The aim is to expand human imagination. Individual projects selected represent careful personal choices of the Massada founders. Independence of the thinking and approach is encouraged. Influence and participation of Kate and Chris vary from project to project. Disputes and deliberations are present as art is perceived as important and fundamental part of our lives.
We collaborate with the best craftsman in the world. We produce in Japan and Italy. Japan’s artisanal
craftsmanship is superior. To produce eyewear frames in Japan one needs to get deep into the
Japanese culture and social patterns.
Italian eyewear craftsmanship comes from the mountains, similar areas  as in Japan. Highlanders
from Dolomiti mountains for centuries worked as artisans to provide insatiable appetite for luxury of
eyewear from Venice nobility. Today few specialised family owned craftsmanship shops provide the
best acetate cut and polished handmade frames. 


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