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Markus T

Markus T - Optical frames & sunglasses

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Designer glasses 100 % handmade in Germany

MARKUS T represents ease, authenticity and perfection.

We love what we do and how we do it. In doing so, we don’t follow old conventions – we only follow ourselves. This gives us the freedom to preserve our ease and passion for the one thing that’s important to us: eyewear design that is unique through its pure beauty, simplicity and honesty. We spare no effort to make our visions come true. Thus, we design and manufacture our collections by ourselves. Every frame by MARKUS T is unique and 100 % handmade in our eyewear manufacture in East-Westphalia. For this reason, we always meet our own claim of highest quality, sustainability and precision and achieve our goal to make people happy with our glasses. MARKUS T glasses are excitingly different.

Ingeniously simple in every detail.

Design by MARKUS T is an exceptional universe full of ideas and around 100 passionately working people. Always searching, always on the move. With heart, mind, hand and the conviction that pure beauty manifests itself only in simplicity. Whether Red Dot, German Design Award or Silmo D’Or – since its founding in 1999, the company has been awarded nearly 40 times for both designs and technical features. Our unconventional ways of thinking and working led us to the successful construction of screwless hinges which was followed by a patenting. Today, these little parts make our collections as unique as they are. We only employ selected materials such as the synthetic material TMi and titanium for which we developed our own patented alloying and dyeing processes. This makes the construction materials extremely resistant and flexible. It allows us to develop minimalist frames and parts for our glasses and to always seek new ways of paring design to the essence – the beautiful.

About the company
By reconstructing a former distillery in 2014, designer Markus Temming laid the foundation to put his vision creating an unconventional place for both life and work into effect. The heart of his manufacture courtyard is the spectacle frame manufacturer, where handmade designer glasses are created, developed and produced –100 % German quality. The owner-operated company was founded in 1999 by Markus Temming and currently has around 100 employees. A perfect synergy of puristic design, intelligent technology with screwless hinges and the use of high-quality methods and materials – partly developed in-house and even patented – are the signature features of MARKUS T designer glasses. Our models are constantly awarded with national and international prizes. The MARKUS T brand environment further includes furniture, lamp and interior design. Aspects of sustainability and social commitment are firmly established in every thought and action of MARKUS T and consistently guide new ideas. The unconventional concept of the design hotel PÖLTER, which is also situated at the manufacture yard in Gütersloh-Isselhorst, reflects this philosophy of MARKUS T and their attitude towards life: passion for beauty in pure design, simplicity and sincerity.


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