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Medios Co., Ltd

Medios Co., Ltd - Contact lenses

Stands :

5 K 002

Contact - Contactology

126, Techno-2 ro, Yuseong-gu
Deajeon, Korea

34029 Daejeon


Exports of over 50% of overseas sales
Secured 23 customers in 21 countries including Japan, China, Middle East and Indonesia

Sales grew 32% last year, and 45% in average over the past three years
We expanded into the Japanese market in 2015, moved to a new plant in Yongsan-dong in 2016, and plan to expand additional capacity in 2019.

High-margin business with an operating margin of over 25%
As the expansion and transfer of new factories are completed, we have secured the foundation for high profitability by increasing production and management efficiency, introducing automation equipment, and improving yields through process improvement.

Pioneer global market based on advanced materials and production technology
Silicon lens development certification and expected to be released in 4Q 2019
Cheonggwang lens development certification will be released in 4Q 2019
Patent application of discoloration lens completed


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