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PLEIN LES MIRETTES - Optical frames & sunglasses

9, Place de la Liberté
76500 ELBEUF



We define  a  style for  each  woman.  The  frames  always follow  to  the  latest  trends  or  ahead of them  while retaining the French “chic” that  makes  the  reputation  of  the  brand. 
Each frame is the product of high quality fabrication, handmade by skilled craftsmen using advanced techniques. The work is done by craftsmen with centuries-old tradition of frame making. 
Using the renowned Mazzucchelli acetate, the manufacturing process is overseen by christophe until his designs come to life in their perfect shape.
Plein Les Mirettes reinvent the concept of "Eyewear brand" by transcending its own certainties to create a subtle luxury through unique products and to new interpretations of timeless shapes with a bold aesthetic, reserved for an exclusively female clientele.
With a  passion for colors we make many unique acetate patterns.                                                                        Each pattern that Christophe design is manufactured for the brand by Mazzuchelli, world leader in the acetate production market accompanying since 1849 the most renowned designers and brands in the world.    
These colors are exclusive to our brand and helps to make our frames even more unique in an overcrowded world.  
PLM  frames are developed resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.
PLM eyewear will reveal your individual personality and underline the boldness, the modernity, the seduction of an independent, creative object of design. The frames express themselves through a unique color range which is a true PLM trademark.
At PLM, the creation is not an accident. It is a never-ending research for the perfect shapes and colors.            Through a meticulous process, Christophe Morcamp designs his collection to sublime the women faces using the uniqueness of the woman facial structure (such as eyes, noses, chins, cheekbones and eyebrows).  To reflect individual woman’s character and personality, the frame color combination is here to transcend their age, skin color, hair color, and make-up palette.   
Because every woman is unique, every Plein Les Mirettes frame is unique.

Plein Les Mirettes  will do anything  for a pair of glasses that perfectly matches your face, personal preferences and character.    Our collection is divided in 5 different universes to correspond to each personality.
The new 2019-2020 PLM’s collection complements the fresh, glamorous and innovative collections designed for modern and multifaceted women. This new line displays PLM's iconic design and color codes. And will be completed models become unique and iconic reedition in a new color palette following the latest trends.
Feminine styles, modern and easy to wear, it emphasizes the light that, playing on the facets and reflecting on the curves, reveals the unique style of Plein Les Mirettes.  This season looks bright, colorful and daring


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