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THE OWNER - Optical frames & sunglasses

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Start Up

NingBoCity, YinZhou District, JiangDongNorth Road, HeFengChuangYi Plaza FengTing Building 1305
315000 Ningbo


THE OWNER means the role play of yourself, as Shakespeare described all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Most of us playing different parts in our life and still looking for the final answer of our destiny. THE OWNER wish to create a brand that you can explore yourself, to define yourself and to express who you really are in this real life stage. I am THE OWNER of myself is always a strong statement.
The Owner uphold this idea with coordinated worldwide artists, designers and creative people together to create a legend. The Owner is a brand connect with time, space, objects and emotion for everyone to find out the meaning of life, meanwhile show the best part of themselves to the world. 


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