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VANNI - Optical frames & sunglasses

Via Giacinto Collegno, 46/bis
10138 Torino



Nico-design has long been the only eyewear manufacturer in the Turin area, and has spent thirty years consolidating its two brands - VANNI and DERAPAGE – on the market. The in-house style centre is the creative heart of the new collections, the place where each model is first conceived, then prototyped after in-depth study of materials and assembly techniques to improve eyewear comfort. Next comes style, as unmistakably Italian as the original brandname: the focus is on fashion trends, which sometimes we surpass, sometimes we harness in an original blend – timeless as all real taste is timeless – an interplay of colour and texture, sophisticated yet stopping short of eccentricity. 
Our dedication to precision is absolute. Attention to minute detail, impeccable product quality, proud standard-bearers of Made in Italy around the world. Nico-design does indeed reach out across the world: with sales outlets in over 40 countries, this is a daily part of our life. 


Present on the stand : FMI Paris