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VAVA Eyewear

VAVA Eyewear - Optical frames & sunglasses

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Frames 9 - Niche design

Rua Manuel Espregueira, nº 234, 1º direito traseiras
n.º 198 Sala 303

4900-318 Viana do Castelo

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Contemporaneous, conceptual and timeless. VAVA is based in 3 principals: function, concept, and design. VAVA associates the conceptual language of machinery and art. Basic and simple shapes, like squares and rectangles, the most common shapes in the industrial world stimulate VAVA vision. Much of the man-made world is composed of these shapes.

VAVA eyewear is inspired by art and architecture, with a keen interest for the Bauhaus movement and minimalism. VAVA designs share the same minimalistic and architectural approach.
VAVA concept is closely linked to the "post-industrial" society in which we live, and the growing belief of belonging to a "post-human" age. Playing around people’s imaginary and "science fiction” the designs are very much inspired by androgynous characters.
At a time when fashion is omnipresent and somehow random, VAVA believes that is necessary to reacquaint what fashion should truly represent: A return to the essential requirements of design. VAVA’s leitmotif is to offer a high quality product that embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear. 

The collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory as we pride ourselves in avoiding mass production. The frames are made of cellulose acetate from the Italian brand Mazzucchelli. VAVA is using their exclusive “eco-friendly” line M49 (entirely recyclable). Another key aspect of our product is the use of crystal lenses. VAVA uses BARBERINI lenses exclusively. The hinge is made of Aluminum by a high grade industrial milling and grinding process.



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