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WORLD TREND.CO, LTD - Optical frames & sunglasses

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5 K 150

Frames 9 - Niche design

56, Nowondong-ro 3-gil,

41554 DAEGU


Modernize the classic eyewear made by master craftsmen.
The philosophy of Frank Custom follows the viewpoint of ‘The master craftsman’ who used to make handmade classic eyewear. Since 1996, the profound comprehend of the eyewear that comes from the “Experience” with being created and accumulated over 1,000 models of eyewear is a likeness
to a master craftsman who manually made it and lived for a lifetime.
The starting point of Frank Custom is re-creating eyewear with “True comfort” while thinking eyewear and people as one and motivating ‘modern technology and heritage of the times’. Each frame was inspired by classical objects of the times from the 1920s to the 1980s. A sophisticated classic style frame with intelligent aesthetics is a symbol of the brand, and strictly made for ‘true comfort’.

Frank Custom creates classy eyewear with gorgeous style by inheriting the value and universality of a timeless classic even if time passes.
IRONIC ICONIC_Make a daily grind into an impressive one.
We live 24 hours a day somewhat similar somewhat different. Seemingly the same daily grind may give us a special feel. Familiar colors we see in our daily lives, Various shapes of glasses catching the current trend. All make a special feel. IRONIC ICONIC presents to our daily lives.
Each ordinary day of yours is filled with various colors. The colors you find out of your ordinary days are attractive wtihout going overboard.
Ironic Iconic is completed with such colors that you feel comfortable seeing every day. It will make you natural and also eye-catching.
Remaining true to the basic does not necessarily mean abandoning fashion and trend. It just means that comfort counts above all. Glasses clutching comfort and colors. They are not for someone else, but just for me. Comfort and colors get mingled together to make wit of your daily life.



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