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Autoréfracto-keratometer VX90


Autoréfracto-keratometer VX90

Brand : Visionix


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LUNEAU TECHNOLOGY - Services for opticians


The Luneau Technology group, bringing together the Briot®/Weco® and Visionix® brands, is a real force in the market, with a range of equipment to cover all the requirements of the vision correction process: Refraction and ophthalmic diagnosis, lens inspection in industrial production and lens cutting at the optician's. Our aim has always been to provide with the latest technologies to permit quicker screening for visual disorders and provide a better quality of life, with ever more effective equipment.



Visionix Wavefront Technology Is The Next Revolution In Eye Examination
Wavefront technology measures an optic system (lens, eye) at a multitude of points based on wavefront methods, whereas traditional technologies measure a single point or a just a few points. Wavefront technology is useful in numerous fields. Visionix® pioneered a method to miniaturize this technology, permitting its incorporation in a large group of instruments. In addition, Visionix® is believes this technology should both accessible and affordable for everyone as it provides unique benefits and exceptional accuracy.

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