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SYMBOLINE Italian Group




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SYMBOLINE Italian Group - Optical frames & sunglasses

SYMBOLINE Italian Group

SYMBOLINE s.r.l. is an  Italian company that operates on the optical market and boasts a long experience in the field. It is an Italian firm that moves its first steps in the optical field, with notable successes, since 1994. Thanks to the experience and the professionalism of its founders, it has become in a few years a leader firm in the production of optical frames and sunglasses, marked by the brands: "ENOX EYEWEAR", "ENOX TEENAGER".
The firm has succeeded in valorizing an active search of design and originality, without overlooking the practicality. The collections of our brands are the exaltation of a perfect match among form, design and color, elegance and glamour, passion and energy, concretizing their innate class in the quality of the materials used, in the matchings acetate-metal, in the delicate shades of colors. The small and sophisticated multiform friezes appear along the temples and on the fronts, similar to embroideries and inlays extremely elegant.
The presence, annually confirmed, to the different world shows (MIDO, SILMO, OPTI MUNCHEN, VISION-X, IOFT, HONG KONG OPTICAL FAIR and all the WORKSHOPS all over the world), are the confirmation of the seriousness and the solidity of  SYMBOLINE srl.



The brand ENOX TEENAGER is the alternative for teenagers, the necessary attention reserved to them particularly in the design and in the lively and contrasting colors range.
All years long it became a kind of status symbol for very young clients who choose the brand as a status symbol, an icon of a style recognizable for its colors and models that talk about this age in all the optical frames and sunglasses collections, a cult among the younger “fans”.

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