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K130 Mattéo



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VARIATION DESIGN - Optical frames & sunglasses


A dissatisfaction with the eyewear, that’s what has long afflicted Dominique Varlet, an formerly optician. The mounts that adorned his everyday mistreated his taste for daring design and aesthetic sensitivity. Never mind: accompanied by his wife, he created Variation Design in 2003 with the strong intention of satiating his fierce appetite of creativity.

Resulting from a synergy of several designers, the V.Design, V.Design KIDS, BOvélO and GensDuMonde collections are born. Driven by a motivated and enthusiastic team, the brand makes each new range a party. Listening to fashion and trends, the Variation Design glasses benefit from the technical eye of the former optician. Mastering every step of the design to the prototype, Variation Design has established itself as a reference in French design and enjoys a reputation for international expansion.

Disconcert, question, arouse curiosity … such is the mission of a designer. Variation Design is one of those masters in the art of surprising. Amazing, her creations know how to capture attention, using bold colors and shapes. The Variation Design mounts testify to a high technicality and a sure control of the metal, signing achievements with the affirmed temper.

With an increasingly developed french and international network, VARIATION DESIGN has been able to develop, thanks to its sales teams, a close relationship based on trust and exclusivity with its customers. Efficient after-sales service, real-time order and inventory management combined to a team that listens to the needs of its customers, have made the company one of the largest. His seriousness and his human dimension gives him an indisputable notoriety.

The company has been actively involved since 2008 in optical trade shows such as SILMO in Paris, OPTI in Munich and VISION EXPO in New York. On an elegant booth, open to the world, the VARIATION DESIGN team welcomes customers and prospects for an exclusive presentation of the new collections and the know-how of the designers, also available to discuss their ideation process.