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Le Chat

Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear

Le Chat - Cat Eye throwbacks in 1920s to 1950s glamour style.

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Cat Eye throwbacks in 1920s to 1950s glamour style.

Brand : Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear


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Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear - Optical frames & sunglasses

Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear

Fashionable Frames are designed with classic curves & hard edges, then blended together to complete a stunning look for you!  Designs are sketched by hand and each pair of frames is made individually by a self taught independent designer with a Formula 1 design background.

Frames and lenses are designed, manufactured and assembled in New York and Boston.

Custom Colors and finishes are applied one at a time by hand. Frames are colorized using a proprietary process that ensures your frames are unlike anyone else’s.  Artisan benching techniques form and smooth your frames, one at a time.  

Nouvelle Chicane is not for everyone.  It’s bold and challenges the “me too” brands.  Be unique, be bold, be you!  Wear Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear.