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Lunette CCS122.01


Lunette CCS122.01

Brand : CCS


  • 5 D 041

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  • Femme


AREA 98 - Optical frames & sunglasses


Area98 stands out in the Eyewear market for its constant pursuit of innovation and the vibrant creativity of its collections. How do we like to describe our company? Dynamism, product culture, international design, diversified products for different targets, guiding values and price brackets, strong ties to its local area: these are the winning factors that make Area98 one of the most original companies in the eyewear sector.
Among our 7 brands, which are constantly growing one collection after the other, there is one premium branch dedicated to Coco Song, CCS and Robert Rüdger frames, one fashion branch for Kaos and La Matta frames and a diffusion branch for Genesis and Oliviero Contini collections. 
Thanks to its constantly growing business in the major European and non-European countries and with a strong presence in the east-Asian market, Area98's operations are focused mainly on the international marketplace: its exports are over 90% of the company turnover. Our main markets are Europe, Far East as well as the United States. 



The CCS collection is an explosion of colors and exotic details is designed for romantic and glamorous. 
natural elements such as feathers, silk and dried flowers are enclosed in the frames.

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