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Nearis S-Fusion


Nearis S-Fusion - Specific lens for screens, optimized for 3 distances: 4m (Office), 2m (Desk), 1m (Reader)


Specific lens for screens, optimized for 3 distances: 4m (Office), 2m (Desk), 1m (Reader)

Brand : Optiswiss


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OPTISWISS - Optical frames & sunglasses


Original Swiss quality lenses

Founded in Basel in 1937, for many years Optiswiss has been by far the largest producer of lenses in Switzerland, now producing more lenses than all the opticians in Switzerland sell each year. Optiswiss is the only company in the industry that is fully Swiss-owned and 100 % committed to production in Switzerland.
Precisely because of its Swiss DNA, high quality production and advanced technology Optiswiss is regarded as an esteemed Swiss quality label and favoured by opticians in more than 25 countries throughout Europe and worldwide. Only the most modern of technologies, the strictest quality control and sophisticated logistics are utilised.
Optiswiss is a successful and extremely dynamic company that focuses on the development, production and sales of high-tech lenses for glasses. Innovative, solution-oriented thinking and networking are the keys to our success.



Original Swiss quality lenses

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