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Oria - Acetate AUJOURD'HUI collection


Acetate AUJOURD'HUI collection

Brand : Dokomotto Lunetterie de France


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DOKOMOTTO LUNETTERIE DE FRANCE - Optical frames & sunglasses


Dokomotto is a French eyewear brand created by Florent Grellet in 2013 at Le Cannet. The name of this brand comes from the association Doko which means pupil (eye pupil) in Japanese and Motto which is the slogan in Italian and English. The term Dokomotto translates to "looking towards the future" in Japanese. 
An optician at first, Florent Grellet learned his craft in the cradle of French eyewear: the Jura. After several years of correcting the vision of his customers and of advising them on the choice of their frames, Florent decided in 2013 to follow his passion of all time which is designing his own eyewear collections. 
Today Florent designs its models, selects materials, manufactures prototypes and markets them to independent opticians in France and abroad. The brand is also already referenced at 200 French opticians, such as Les Créateurs D'opta in Paris, Optique Debauge in Lyon and Optique Grosfillez in Monaco. 
Dokomotto is driven by strong values around eco-responsibility and the rational exploitation of resources. Indeed, the brand highlights the French savoir-faire through the design, design, choice of materials and handmade manufacturing provided in Oyonnax (Ain) by a traditional eyewear company. 
In 2017, the brand wanted to go further in its ecological thinking and used the services 
from the company Authentic Material, based in Toulouse. The latter designs natural materials 
such as leather or oyster shell. The concept of the company is upcycling which, to better respect the environment, transforms the losses of unexploited materials into new high quality materials. 
The unique savoir-faire developed by Authentic Material, its desire for naturalness and its local and its traceable supply chains have joined the ambitions of Florent Grellet to give birth to a collection of eco-friendly glasses in 2018. 
Authentic Material has specifically developed plates of materials from scrap leather and oyster shells collected in France for Dokomotto. The latters are then bound to a biosourced polymer of plant origin synthesized in the hexagon. This composite material, which has mechanical characteristics comparable to those of acetate, provides flexibility and resistance to the raw material.


Dokomotto Lunetterie de France

Dokomotto Lunetterie de France is a 100% French eyewear brand created by Florent Grellet, optician, graduated from the Morez School of Optics in the Jura (France). The brand propose 2 collections:  Initial and Aujourd'hui.
The Initial collection is composed with unexpectedly designs according to Florent's artistic inspirations.
The collection Aujourd'hui, propose classic forms while keeping the identity of the mark, with unique colors.
For the 2019 SILMO in Paris, Dokomotto Lunetterie de France present for the first time a new collection called Nature. This collection was made with upcycled noble materials . This is our engage for a sustainable innovation.

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