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POP 52


POP 52 - Acetate frame


Acetate frame

Brand : POP


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ROUSSILHE - Optical frames & sunglasses


Roussilhe, authentic french expertise

Forty years ago, Roussilhe set itself a challenge: to harness the power of French manufacturing.
We set up our Roussilhe Productions factory right in the middle of the Oyonnax valley, an area known all around the world

Design, prototyping, machining, assembly… We carry out every stage of the acetate frame-making process ourselves on this industrial site.

The collections that leave our factory all uphold our tradition of artisan skill combined with the best raw materials and the latest high-performance numerical control technology.

All the collections produced by Roussilhe Productions are all certified Origine France Garantie.




POP is just like its name : young, modern, unisex and full of character.
it proudly displays its origins in the playful and creative world of POP ART.
Completely hand-made in our workshops in Jura, its finish quality is exceptional.

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