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Exalto® is the second child in the large Oxibis Group family. Born in 1998 in the Jura, where the French eyewear industry originated, the brand has developed in an environment characterized by know-how,
creativity, service and passion.
To speak to men, Exalto® explores their preferred worlds and is inspired by them with refinement, dynamism and performance to design the brand’s products and marketing materials.

Combinations of materials, visual effects (brushed, granite ...) finishes (matt, gloss, untreated, textured ....), inspired by men, their passions, their world and their challenges.
Exalto® frames are a sensory experience, an invitation to escape and explore.

Get close to the product to discover all its detailing and effects : all of the combinations that create understated but unique contrasts and make up the aesthetics of
the frame...

Special materials, sophisticated hinges : «Details» - sometimes even hidden - that contribute to the excellence and performance of the product.


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