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Frod's Lunetterie

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Frod's Lunetterie - FROD'S Distribution


Frod’s Lunetterie brings together a group of opticians and designers passionate about eyewear. 

We want to defend and promote French eyewear.

Florent ROBAUT is the initiator of this campaign and an optician himself, as well as a distributor of premium collections in France. His market analysis, knowledge of opticians' needs and expectations of consumers (in terms of price and design) have lead to the creation of Frod’s Lunetterie

In 2011, we had a dream: "Manufacture frames using the best French quality but at the same rates as Asian mid-range products".

We no longer want to hear that a French quality product cannot be at the same price as a product coming from the other side of the world.

Frod’s Lunetterie has succeeded in creating an eco-citizen concept around a new business model, whose manufacture has obtained a Origine France Garantie label (the Holy Grail of Made in France), coupled with both an innovative and trendy design.


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