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The fourth brand in the OxibisGroup, JOO ly® was born in 2013 in a creative environment steeped in eyewear craftsmanship and passion for outstanding work.
In order to create this 100% feminine brand, we asked ourselves... What are women inspired by? What do they have in common?
Love, boldness, commitment, naturalness... values that can be clearly seen both in our products and our design philosophy. But there was also another primary theme :
the interest women have in fashion and all its changing trends.

JOO ly® identifies key trends in women’s fashion and its must-have pieces, and then transforms them into a 100% feminine eyewear collection.
Exclusive fabrics produced in Lyon (France), raised effects, delightful shapes, the spirit of the products and their detailing.... JOO ly® is all about translating and reinterpreting fashion!


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