Updated on 09/20/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris 2021
From 24 to September 27, 2021
Frames 7 - Craftsmanship Hall 5a


2 boulevard Jean Moulin
44100 NANTES

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  • 5a J076
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Company details


NAONED EYEWEAR - Glasses manufactured in France - FOR REAL!

Since 2012, NAONED (which means Nantes, in Breton) has been offering unique glasses without being extravagant with one desire: to project itself through each of its customers. Our collections are intended in style and not necessarily in fashion, in short a Nantes soul behind each product, behind its partners, behind the workshops ...

Viscerally rooted in local manufacturing, local know-how and local employment, our frames are designed, imagined and manufactured in France.

Our NAONED know how to adapt: ​​if most of them have offset tenons, it is to enable small heads to be fitted, but also strong corrections … without bottleneck effect.
Wise or adventurous, the NAONED set to come in an exclusive palette of colours, as a duo, as a trio, in scale 2.0… We mix, you match !


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