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Updated on 09/17/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris
From 23 to September 26, 2022


6 Rue des Jardins Saint-Louis

Stands :
  • E103

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Presentation of the association

OLSF is a non-governmental organization (ONG), which has been fighting for more than 30 years against the visually impaired populations in need in France and all over the world:

- In France, at the request of national and local organizations helping the most underprivileged, we provide free glasses to people who do not have social security coverage (state medical aid), nor access to universal medical coverage (CMU) and who can justify this situation.

- In the most disadvantaged countries, we develop screening programs for visual defects. These screenings are accompanied by the development of local infrastructure to ensure the supply of quality eyeglasses at an affordable cost and the training of a sufficient number of personnel for the screening and production of glasses.

To date, 40 opticians have been trained for the 12 optical centers we have created in 8 countries: Cameroon, Madagascar, Togo, Senegal, Mauritania, Haiti, Morocco and Benin.

To achieve this, our volunteers intervene on site with the support of local associations and NGOs to set up centers and train local personnel selected in advance.

To supply our centers (thanks to the collection, both from companies and individuals), with frames, lenses, verified and recycled glasses and optical refraction material, so that they can provide glasses for the most disadvantaged.

More than 2,800,000 pairs of glasses have been provided to people in need in France and in 8 other countries.

Our 12 centers abroad and our volunteers in France allow, through their daily action, a better future for visually impaired children and adults. Appropriate correction for children allows for better success at school. For adults, it facilitates the accomplishment of their work and the development of their country.

Social purpose

- To provide glasses to those who need them and cannot obtain them.

- To allow school children to see the picture in order to study better, work better and participate in the development of their country.


It is the same in all the dispensaries: an optical workshop is installed, a stock of frames, glasses and corrective optical glasses and recovered sunglasses are provided and replenished regularly. Two or three young graduates from the country concerned are, after selection, recruited and then trained as opticians by the association’s volunteer opticians who take turns on site for periods of three weeks, for about 6 months.

Afterwards, it is these young people trained as opticians who run the dispensary and provide glasses to the population.


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