Updated on 09/20/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris
From 23 to September 26, 2022

Optiswiss France

43, rue de Saint-Louis

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Company details


Optiswiss has been manufacturer of lenses since 1937 and has its technology and production site in Basel, Switzerland. As a result of constant growth over the past decades, Optiswiss is today an internationally active company and the leading lens manufacturer in Switzerland.

Only the latest technologies, strict quality control and well-developed logistics are used. Optiswiss is a successful, extremely dynamic company that concentrates on developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling high tech spectacle lenses. Our values include innovative, solution-orientated thinking and networked working and these contribute to our success.



Sport Collection by Optiswiss (Frames)

Relax S-Fusion

Nearis S-Fusion


One Sport S-Fusion

Centering by Optiswiss


Comfort Collection by Optiswiss (Frames)

One S-Fusion

Gseh Collection by Optiswiss (Frames)

be 4ty+ S-Fusion

be 4ty+ Biometrics

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  • PERFECT CORP. - Point of sales equipment


    Perfect corp., is a solution provider for the emerging and fast growing Cosmetic, Eyewear and Accessories Digital Software Services (Saas) industry, with an unmatched cumulated expertise in both Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    De-Facto leader on Beauty Tech, Perfect Corp. is now set to revolutionize the online shopping journey for the eyewear industry.

    The new service is very easy to set up and allows consumers to virtually try on the 3D AR glasses in a truly life-like manner, turning online product catalogs into virtual fitting rooms for glasses. Unlike the traditional method that involves time-consuming 3D scanning and modeling steps, Perfect Corp.’s new innovation of AR service automatically creates 3D virtual eyewear using three product images with unique live camera preview feature. Hence, the process of creating 3D eyewear for a brand’s entire product range is significantly shorter.   From regular glasses to designer sunglasses, the 3D AR Eyewear service can accurately and effortlessly visualize a brand’s entire product line. The technology also allows brands to easily add different reflections to the lenses to enhance visual aesthetics.

    The new streamlined process produces highly accurate and detailed 3D eyewear models, allowing brands to efficiently integrate the real-time virtual try-on experience across all digital touchpoints. The new service is fully compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers and will help eyewear brands and retailers maximize their outreach potential and establish a connection with potential buyers.

    ​Experience the AR 3D Eyewear, and request a demo from us for more details and information about the new AR 3D Eyewear service.