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Updated on 09/20/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris 2021
From 24 to September 27, 2021
Miscalleneous (optical) - H6 Hall 6


Yenigun Mah.Koroglu Cad.1074 Sk
Ayse Caml¿lar Apt.No:1

Stands :
  • 6 D040
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Company details


As Ugur Optik Makine, we have been operating in the optical industry since 1995. Within the responsibility of being one of the leading companies in the optical industry in Turkey, we offer our customers the supply of optical lens cutting Machines, optical materials and accessories.
 We produce "Centervision", the optical focus measuring device that emerged as a result of our R&D and inovasian studies, which is the biggest need of the optical sector.
Centervision device, which we have developed since 2009 with an emphasis on R&D studies, is one of the most preferred optical focus measurement devices in the world today.
Centervision, which is produced with artificial intelligence technology; ease of use, comfort, ergonomics and technology, scientific and technological research institutions and academicians have proven accuracy and reliability.
Centervision, which has changed the habits of focus measurement for years, measures with the same accuracy and precision every time with the "0" margin of error.
We offer different designs and colors and different options to our customers with their personalized decorative options.
As Ugur Optik Makine, we always strive to make the best use of the power of technology and innovation.
We meticulously design and manufacture our products with our fully equipped Engineer and Software Developer human resources.
In the light of our 26 years of knowledge and experience;
Our understanding of sustainability,
Our staff and production center specializing in the sector,
With our understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction,
We continue R&D efforts with determination and determination by producing solutions that anticipate the expectations of our customers and to bring innovative products to market.
From day one, to today and tomorrow; keeping up with the changing conditions, we continue to continue our work and continue to work with our revisionist approaches in line with the principles we have adopted in both the national and global sectors with our innovative approach, R&D Projects and unconditional customer satisfaction.




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