Updated on 10/14/2020

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Detailed description

Lookkino is what a child expects: something big behind something small. Lookkino is respect for our children’s future, it is care of their growth and their needs, it is safeguarding of their playing.Lookkino is attention to our kids’ wishes and development. Our goal is their well-being and ours as well.



    LOOK- made in Italia

    We are an Italian industrial enterprise that designs and manufactures high quality eyewear since 1978. Founded as a workshop has evolved over the years into an organized and international company, leader of European design, leader of manufacture and distribution of frames. A company organised to develop a reliable product distinguished by a high technical precision, the result of ongoing research into visual well-being. Real factory of ideas, this company has been able to make of made in Italy a philosophy of life, turning it into “Made in Italia”, became a registered trademark to emphasize the Italian product.

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