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      Eyewear manufacturer - craftsmen, Bespoke, Design niche market, Luxury
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      Agent, Doctor's office / hospital / clinic, Distributor, Sourcing / wholesaler
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      Good's brand was born in Naples, the millenary cradle of European civilization, where history, art and craftsmanship come together in the streets, neighborhoods and buildings. The basis of the Good's brand is an original cultural project, created for an accessory for daily use, capable of expressing, more than any other, the personality of the wearer, his attitude and his personal style. Starting from the study of history, art, architecture and design, then we come to the creation of a unique and original product, full of contents. The first collection, Architecture collection, is a tribute to the genius and creativity of 7 illustrious Italian architects who have worked in Naples in the last 500 years, each with their own aesthetic vision, who have left a deep mark on local history and culture and not only. Thanks therefore to the aesthetic analysis of each architect and the search for the elements that characterized the most significant works, in this first collection Good's focuses its attention on the souls of the auctions, where it proposes decorative details present on the facades of three famous churches in Naples – ashlar and pilasters - used as structural and stylistic elements of the glasses, to become their characterizing detail, visible thanks to the transparency of the acetates. Good's glasses are made with the highest quality, organic and environmentally friendly materials through artisanal production. All Good's collections are limited editions, all glasses are numbered and handmade, exclusively in Italy. The Good's production philosophy is totally sustainable, including the packaging and the materials for the stores that recover the scaffolding boards used in the restoration of churches. The frames are made of Mazzucchelli M49 bio acetate, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates to avoid allergic reactions. Recently, 7 other models have been added to the collection in a new stylistic area called dYmenZion-X, particularly innovative for the design and for some absolutely exclusive structural details such as the adjustable bridge and the extendable temples, which allow greater adaptability, and the new hinge. exclusive created by Good's, inspired by the UPN metal beam used in architecture.

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