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Updated on 09/30/2020

COEXIST Eyewear Colections and bespoke - models BESPOKE FRESNEL - SUZY - BOLD - 

    COEXIST Eyewear Colections and bespoke

    COEXIST Eyewear Lunettes
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    Detailed description

    models BESPOKE FRESNEL - SUZY - BOLD - collection



      COEXIST Artisan d'Art

      Optician Craftsman  of Art, artist in glasses and objects. Our collections are designed and sculpted by hand in our own workshops in Montpellier - France. Our creations are different from others, by their shapes, structures and sizes.

      They are fully customizable, shapes, styles and colors, they meet the most demanding personalities.

      The COEXIST Glasses collections are elegant, they combine tradition and contemporary originality, with extreme care given to high-end finishes.

      Coexist Glasses, offers you elegance in the expression of cotton flower, leather, and horn always in the tradition of manual know-how without digital machines. Each frame will be unique, numbered, personalized.
      If you want to differentiate yourself even more from other professionals in the choice of your collections, if you are tempted by the possibilities of bespoke remotely, for an even more personalized service to your most demanding customers, come and meet us, test our services, our reliability our flexibility and the seriousness of our work in the true values ​​of the coexistence of materials, forms and positive human exchange!
      Carla William Sfeir & the Staff Coexist Eyewear

      Stand: B48

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      COEXIST Eyewear Lunettes