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Detailed description

EYEPARTNER® is ACTIVISU®’s affordable electronic measurements solution designed to adapt to all points of sale. With EYEPARTNER®, taking electronic measurements becomes a user-friendly experience that perfectly integrates into your sales process. EYEPARTNER® allows you to obtain all the necessary measurements in less than 40 seconds: - PDs and fitting heights for far vision; - Vertex distance; - Pantoscopic tilt; - Wrap angle. Interfacing between the EYEPARTNER® and your PMS allows you to order your lenses straight away without the need to re-enter the customer’s data.




    Founded in 1996, the IVS group is the world’s leading provider of electronic measurement solutions and specialist in digital signage for opticians. The group's solutions are available in more than 100 countries through more than 35,000 licenses deployed in nearly 30,000 points of sale.

    With its subsidiary ACTIVISU®, the group offers a complete range of "profession-orientated" solutions. They exist in more than 20 languages ​​and are presented around the world by a network of market leaders. Knowledge of optics, mastery of image-processing and multimedia are an integral part of our know-how and passion. Our innovations have been rewarded with several awards: an LSA Innovation trophy and three Gold SILMO awards for technological innovations in electronic measurements. All of ACTIVISU®’s electronic measurement solutions allow opticians to take measurements while respecting the safety requirements imposed by the context of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. The company therefore supports opticians in the implementation of social distancing within their optical shops.

    With its subsidiary ACTIV'SCREEN®, founded in 2005, the group develops digital marketing solutions dedicated to points of sale: digital signage, interactive applications, phygital devices…, becoming in a few years a major player in digital media amongst opticians in France. ACTIV'SCREEN® has also diversified into other sectors (retail stores, banking, notaries) and is increasingly deployed internationally. ACTIV'SCREEN® is regularly awarded for its innovations and has won several POPAI AWARDS.

    IVS Group, designer of technology.

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