Updated on 09/16/2020


    Enigma C5

    Albert I'm Stein
    Stands :
    • 5 E157
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    Detailed description

    Acetate Size: 49 23 145 5 color options



      Albert I'mStein


      Albert I’mStein
      – genius eyewear from Poland.

      We pride ourselves for original designing, quality of workmanship, taken place in Korea, and top graded materials (mostly titanium).

      We are not a luxury brand; We do not dazzle the logotype. We keep the price reasonable. We want to provide quality and good design to the widest possible audience who are looking for creative, original outlooks and wants to stand out from the crowd- To be bold and unique. Albert I’mStein is a reflection of an individual’s character, not being defined by age or gender.

      Be confident, be clever; Be spontaneous and treat reality with a pinch of salt!

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      Albert I'm Stein