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    PHOTO   Our patented technology and our experience in digitazing eyewear made us the experts in high quality photo production for both digital and print catalogs. We provide frame photo packshots in different angles so you can display your collection on your website in the best way possible. This efficient, customable and high-quality service brings a true added-value to your business.   DIGITIZATION   We produce high-quality 3D models of your glasses to create ultra-realistic renderings for an optimal virtual try-on experience. Besides, we offer access to our 3D assets database, the largest in the world. It counts thousands of frames and hundreds of brands for you to base your collections on. + 86,000 + Frames + 420 + Brands ~ 3,000 New frames / month  RENDERING We also specialise in contextual photo production, allowing you to virtually put any frame on the face of any model, in any position. The ultra-realistic renderings are perfectly like any “real life” photoshoot, except you can easily make thousands of those.  A single photo of a model, thousands of possible combinations!





      Founded in 2006, FittingBox is a French company that helps eyewear professionals in their digital transformation. By providing virtual glasses try-on solutions, our ambition is to revolutionize the buying experience of frames both online and in-store. Through augmented reality technology, we reinvent the traditional mirror by transforming your screen into a digital mirror.
      Possessing several patents and awards in R&D, in France and internationally, our research in innovation is driven by a consumer-centric vision to bring relevant solutions to professionals.
      The FittingBox team is composed of +90 international collaborators based in our offices in France (Labège) and, since 2016, in the United States (Miami).
      Our adventure is only beginning!

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