Updated on 09/23/2021

JB 007C

    JB 007C

    Julia Backer
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    • 5a C053
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      Eyewear manufacturer - craftsmen
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      Julia Backer

      Julia Backer is Each of the designs that make up the collection is designed to accompany a cosmopolitan, sophisticated woman who makes a difference with the trends of each season. Under a qualitative and solid production basis, the Julia Backer components are produced by European manufacturers who have long served international brands and companies, as OBE and Mazzucchelli. Besides, all the models that make up the Julia Backer collections are carefully studied, where design is at the same time culturally conscious, trend-oriented, market aware and responsive to production needs. The company that takes care of it is Stile Italiano, a renowned Italian company with a long history in eyewear design.