Updated on 06/22/2021

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Detailed description

Just like the LIGHTin® capsule, but in a smaller format and at a more attractive price, the NESSIE® capsule is designed to allow novice users to produce professional photos in less than 1 minute per image, simply and without the need for retouching software. Indeed, it is now possible to do without clipping and retouching, and therefore save considerable time on productions: our yields can exceed 60 photos/hour for packshot on white background, while competing solutions do not exceed 10 photos/hour. NESSIE® allows for a high level of color accuracy and optimal texture rendering even in the most complex situations: matte, glossy, reflective, transparent, bright, pastel, fluorescent colors, all represent technical constraints that the capsule handles with ease. The capsule in its basic version can ideally be completed with : - A 360° shooting module The 360° is essential for e-commerce, the NESSIE® capsule integrates an optional control and motorization system + automated turntable which, coupled with the advantages of the native system, allows to gain in simplicity, efficiency and quality of the visuals provided.

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      Agent, Distributor, Non optical sales outlet points, Optical sales outlet, Sourcing / wholesaler




      Everleet® offers internalized solutions, consulting and outsourcing of shooting.

      Everleet® manufactures and markets the next generation of internalized product shooting studios.
      Our patented LIGHTin® and NESSIE® capsules are designed to reduce/eliminate post-processing operations and allow novice users to produce professional visuals in a simple and intuitive manner.

      Our consulting offer (advice to companies) allows you to optimize your visual content creation solutions.

      Finally, Everleet® offers outsourced shooting to provide you with professional photographs.

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