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    OWIZ Street

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    Detailed description

    OWIZ Street is an interactive kiosk that allows passers-by to virtually try on 3D glasses from outside your store. OWIZ Street is perfect for: - Interact with passersby - Suggest your products before customers enter your shop - Reduce your marketing investment while improving its impact - Grab attention on your new products and promotion offers Make your Storefront Window 3 times more attractive with OWIZ Street!





      Founded in 2006, FittingBox is a French company that helps eyewear professionals in their digital transformation. By providing virtual glasses try-on solutions, our ambition is to revolutionize the buying experience of frames both online and in-store. Through augmented reality technology, we reinvent the traditional mirror by transforming your screen into a digital mirror.
      Possessing several patents and awards in R&D, in France and internationally, our research in innovation is driven by a consumer-centric vision to bring relevant solutions to professionals.
      The FittingBox team is composed of +90 international collaborators based in our offices in France (Labège) and, since 2016, in the United States (Miami).
      Our adventure is only beginning!

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