Updated on 07/01/2021

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Detailed description

The NIDEK range of automatic refractors has established itself as the reference for refractors in consultation rooms. NIDEK today presents the new design of its brand new high-end refractor. The RT-6100 is the most completedevice in the range for precise refraction, visual acuity and binocular functions. The control console has a large touch screen, intuitive and user-friendly. Most of the buttons are easily accessible to facilitate the practice of refraction. With a renewed design, the new control console aims to bring more simply the information. Its handling is fast from the usual command buttons NIDEK. The RT-6100 measures spheres from -29D to + 26.75D and + or - 8,75D cylinders. Communication with the auto-refractometer and the NIDEK frontofocometer is easy for an easy and fast refraction examination. The RT-6100 is the ideal work tool for effectively supporting operators in the daily practice of subjective refraction examination.

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