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  • Russian independent eyewear brand BREVNO introduces “Firestarters” collection.

Updated on 09/25/2020


    Russian independent eyewear brand BREVNO introduces “Firestarters” collection.

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    Detailed description

    Russian independent eyewear brand BREVNO introduces “Firestarters” collection. Known fact - those who start something new is always a trouble. Rebels, trouble makers, innovators. Deconstructing the status quo is the only way to build new, better future for every individual and for humanity. Here is for the fire starters! Last years wildfires in Siberia and all over the world, where brand comes from, nevertheless tragedy of these events, have drawn worldwide attention to the most important ecological problems of humanity and given a start to new ecological initiatives. Burning away the Old and starting new feelings in people, provoking thoughs and action. Collection consists of 3 models: Keith, Jim и Amy, which refers to no specific persons, but to someone who starts fire inside one’s soul. Frames are made with yakisugi Japanese woodworking technique, which is burning of upper layers of wood to give it natural antiseptic protection. Brevno designers apply this artisanal technique to birchbark. With is add on multilayer birtchwood frame, then as far as they're glasses and an object to constant contact with hands, face, cases etc, they're covered with specific hard varnish, so burned bark particles won't fall off. We work birtch wood as it’s a pioneer plant. it grow fast on scortched land, and help the reconstruction of new ecosystem for faun and flora. It’s the symbol of renewval and rebirth.





      brevno eyewear is an independent brand started in 2013 in the middle of Siberia by two friends. Bold charismatic frames made of wood instantly became a manifesto for bold charismatic people all over the world. Statement of inner power, open mind and strong character. A rough surface and wonderful grain pattern of brevno sunglasses is perfectly mixed with high-end German surgical steel nosepads, spring-loaded hinges and outstanding fitting. We’ve found our own recipe for classy good looking frames with a pinch of non-conventional design.

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