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Updated on 07/07/2021

Sunglasses, optical frames and components manufacturer - Spectacles manufactures high quality eyeglasses for the most important international brands.

    Sunglasses, optical frames and components manufacturer

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    • 5a D100
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    Detailed description

    Spectacles manufactures high quality eyeglasses for the most important international brands.

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      Technical specification

      • Positionning
        Eyewear manufacturer - craftsmen, Luxury, Sports, Subcontracting factory
      • Matter
        Acetate, Wood, Other materials, Plastic, Combined, Recycled materials
      • Target buyer
        Distributor, Sourcing / wholesaler
      • Type
        Man, Woman, Unisex



        SPECTACLES srl

        Tailor-made eyeglass frames. Spectacles.

        Thanks to a perfect blend of research, creativity, style and cutting-edge production technology, Spectacles is one of the most reliable and versatile companies engaged in the design and manufacture of eyeglass frames.

        Located in the heart of the Italian eyewear district, Spectacles caters to the high-end eyewear market. Spectacles stands out for its ability to provide custom-made frames designed and manufactured to fully represent the design and performance requirements of each partner.

        Research and Development. Custom made luxury eyewear

        Technology and details: solutions for authentic eyewear made in Italy.

        The goal is to deliver the very best finished frames that meet each specific request of demanding customers with pinpoint accuracy.

        This goal requires continuously improving the processing techniques.

        Spectacles has responded through investing in the verticalization of the production processes, enabling the in-house processing of all components.

        Spectacles offers the necessary flexibility, which translates into a significant competitive advantage and complete customer satisfaction.

        Custom made and standard high-end products.

        Listening to customers’ needs and then designing, developing and transforming them into complete eyewear frames that meet all requirements and needs.

        This is the challenge faced by Spectacles in an increasingly demanding market in terms of style, ergonomics and performance.

        Lastly, the first-rate technical department in charge of organising the processes is able to create the best solution for large-scale production and start-up a flawless production as conceived and designed by the R&D department.

        Materials, durability, elegance, character: Spectacles leaves nothing to chance
        for the luxury eyewear industry.

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