Interview of Philippe Lafont, President of Silmo trade fair

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3 questions were asked to the Silmo's president about the the next edition of Silmo and its future.

1. How do you view the next edition of Silmo? 

"Maintaining continuity with previous editions despite the economic uncertainties and tensions, our position is to uphold our values which are genuinely important to professionals. Silmo is a regular gathering that people look forward to, an annual event that continues to provide an excellent platform to meet and do business for the entire eyewear and optics industry. This does not mean we can afford to rest on our laurels; the trade fair continues to develop, move forward and respond to the individual needs of both visitors and exhibitors. For this reason we have adjusted the exhibition's layout in order to improve the visibility of the product offering and ensure the best possible visitor experience in a relaxed and attractive setting."

2. What are your goals for Silmo? 

"From a commercial point of view, we are seeing a positive trend with loyal exhibitors returning year after year while at the same time welcoming new companies, a clear sign of the sector's solid momentum. We hope to maintain this momentum, while remaining aware that companies are very keen to see a return on investment in a contained surface area. On the visitor front, we are banking on an increased attendance by altering the dates. While still retaining the four-day schedule, we have included the Monday at the request of French opticians – we are counting on their participation!"

3. What is your view of developments in the trade fair media? 

"In a globalised world, professional trade fairs still have an important role as viable places to meet and do business. This does not mean changes cannot be made; today's leaders will not be there tomorrow! We need to observe the pattern of change in the major economic zones: Europe, Asia, Americas, etc. At the same time, all major international trade fairs including Silmo are developing services and tools that are available all year round; this goes hand in hand with a desire to extend their international outreach in order to go where the future markets will be."