"50th anniversary" Special Award

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Cast your vote online!

Visitors, exhibitors and optics industry professionals:

Vote online for the product you consider the most iconic.


To involve exhibitors in celebrating this anniversary edition, Silmo Paris has launched a “50th ANNIVERSARY” SPECIAL AWARD. Each participant has been offered the chance to nominate an iconic product or collection that has left its mark on their company’s history. More than 120 products have been nominated!

It’s now your turn to vote! Choose the product you consider the most iconic and enable one or more nominees to receive awards to mark the 50th anniversary of Silmo Paris.

How to vote:

Visit the Silmo Paris Facebook page. From Tuesday 26 September to Friday 6 October, you can vote for the product(s) of your choice showcased in photos in the “50th ANNIVERSARY” SPECIAL AWARD album. 

  • 1 interaction per photo = 1 vote (all emojis will be counted as a vote for the product). Comments will not be counted as a vote.
  • You may vote for more than one product.

Come and view this iconic panel at any time during the exhibition in a dedicated space Hall 6 - L166.

One or more “50th ANNIVERSARY” SPECIAL AWARDS will be awarded at the Silmo Paris 50th anniversary gala awards evening on Saturday 7 October 2017.