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Workshops discoveries Meilleurs Ouvriers de France is a must of Silmo.

Take part in the workshops of creation and shaping of mount and live a privileged experience during the 4 days when professionals Best Workers of France initiate you during sessions of 30 minutes. Then go to the discovery of the exhibition of works of competition and frames of creation and learn about the evolutions of the trade.

The program :

• Design a custom mount: from measurement to design
• Create a computer-assisted mount design
• Shaping an original frame by hand
• Get a perfect shine of the material
• Modify, transform and adjust an acetate frame nose
• Mount or repair acetate frame hinges with trim and chamfering
• Assembling by welding elements of a metal mount
• Merge materials and colors
• Decorate and strass a mount
• Sculpt acetate material to obtain a wood imitation
• Learn about plexy sculpture
• Evaluate his skills and be advised to set up his workshop and perfect himself in creating customized frames

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In the meantime, visit the website to find out more about the school's courses and the M.O.F. Lunetiers: to follow the event.

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